Guilty Crown 06 - Gun + Sword = WMD

This anime is still doing whatever the hell they want. Watching Shu run around like a headless chicken is funny but is quite sad at the same time. This story feels like those stories you pass around the room and each person write a few lines to it. This show is the epitome of slapping stuff together that could look badass with some good graphics to see if it sells.

With such serious casualties and your whole plan is hinging on some new guy that doesn't even like the plan, How is no one else shaken up by this? I'd be pretty worried that the plan will fail. This is seriously a cult, they are fully willing to die for their leader. Those opening scenes, I swore he planned on killing off those people which is why only he survived. He was only one left to tell the tale, he could say anything he wants.

He predicts everything and pretty much an omniscient character but couldn't tell it wasn't Inori? Pretty easy to fool there Shu. Quite clearly he pulled the same trick and told Inori to send him in; Keep him back in line to follow him. How silly is it that he falls for the same crappy tactic twice? I'm pretty sure it won't be the last time either. Knowing how badly Shu lusts after Inori, this will be going on all season until we learn Gai is really the final boss.

She turned the guns sideways, THAT'S A KILL SHOT!

Probably the only perk about this anime in general is the action combined with decent graphics. The problem is you have to ignore all logic as the battle doesn't even makes zero sense. Why would you cross your arms and turn your guns sideways, you are asking to miss! Not to mention watching Gai take down some super mech pilot without a mech of his own. If only I could remove logic, these battles would be awesome.

Finally, the debut of our new WMD. With this new weapon, they have pretty much sealed their win over anyone. A super mobile powerful weapon, talk about over powered. I just wonder what other crazy combination weapons will be created. Endless possibilities to create any weapon they want to fix any problem, in this case, a falling satellite. More built in dues ex machina to make their lives easier.

So we end the episode with Shu clearly tricked by Gai. They are just setting up the obvious betrayal for the future. Shu's power is clearly way to strong, they are going to find a way to nerf him or just buff everyone else. I am leaning towards the buff side, and mimic Code Geass. When more people have abilities, it isn't that special anymore. We will see though, not much hope for a show like this but it sure is fun to laugh at!