Fate/Zero 08 - The Result of Talking During Battles

Another action packed episode, if only all three fights didn't involve random moments staring at each other, it would be perfect. Still, it was a good episode, I was fully expecting someone to die, we are one third through the season and still no one has been taken out of the holy grail war. Still the best anime of this season so far with all the action going on.

So the first focused on battle was between the super assassin that is apparently bullet proof. We get to watch so many awkward moments in this fight. He is tied securely on the tree yet she doesn't bother pulling out the gun until after he frees himself; She deserves to lose to freeze up so badly. This was just a stomping, the two girls stood zero chance against him. It was pretty kool watching his fighting style though, materializing blades like that.

This second fight came to no surprise that caster would lose. They finally decided to use MP instead of just normal attacks. The question is, why didn't lancer just go for the kill shot, he was wide open and he just hits the book; Their fighting is very questionable. Then they expect him to sit still and take the finishing blow, no surprise he escaped. They could have easily just ended him but I guess the plot decided he should live.

This battle was probably the most interesting with the explanation of the super magic bullets. I wonder how that master wasn't dead after that first shot. He would've died from just blood lose alone let alone taking a second bullet. At least taking his time on this kill made sense. He was already screwed, didn't expect Lancer to come save him. This master is screwed either way, lucky Lancer has two masters. Well played, very well played.

Interesting to see how devoid of emotion the assassin is. Believing that the only reason the two girls would fight him was because of orders. When Saber learns of the Avalon being hidden, that will be the game changer. Suddenly, Saber will be super powered up to beat everyone. Wouldn't that Avalon be able to heal her hand too?

At least it was very enjoyable episode despite the flaws within the battling. It looks like next episode will be another slowdown episode as everyone goes back to reflect on what has happened. Whoever kills Caster, which I think is Saber, that command seal will be the final decider and win it for them. I guess we will see, need more loli Sakura and Beserker though.