Penguindrum 13 - Mastermind

Super loli Himari to the rescue!

What a wild ride they keep taking us on for this anime. It is just one mind blowing episode after another. They just keep bomb us with new information to speculate about making Thursdays the best day of the week. They really like their flashbacks in this show, I don't even remember how many times we had flashbacks now. I always loved them though, it gave much needed insight to better understand the characters.

We have another flashback episode to further explain what happened back then. Things are a bit unclear still, like motive. It can't be as simple act of terrorism. If I have learned anything watching this, everything is connected, this is no exception. I really wonder what they link between the parents and the Penguindrum is, were they trying to obtain it too?

We already get to see the mastermind? It can't be that simple; The troll sub at least matched. I guess his motive will be explained later but I was still pretty certain he still isn't the final mastermind. I wonder how he got that liquid life essence? At least the seizon senyraku at the end of every transformation sequence makes sense. I could kinda guess it from last episode though but it was nice to be 100% certain.

So both hats are being controlled by our new mastermind. My speculation is that he is chasing after God, trying to get out of God's grasp of fate. He is clearly super powerful, with his own dimension/library thing, while toying with lives like it is a game. I wonder if he will be defeated or crash himself when he realizes the truth, he can't usurp God. I'm leaning more on that self realization which leads him to somehow revive Himari permanently. Probably just wishful thinking though.

They gotta be related more heavily to the plot then just this...

 I think this anime, along with the noitaminA timeslot starting next week, Thursday is going to be the best day of the week . I love these anime that leaving you wondering what is going to happen next. It is open to tons of speculation to keep my brain churning. Definitely the best series of last season. Hopefully Guilty Crown turns out good to compete with Penguidrum Thursdays to amplify the awesome.