Mashiro Iro Symphony 01 - Wake me up When Something Happens

The first VN adapted harem anime that I felt obligated to watch. I just want to know who wins! I'm just always so curious if they adapt the anime with one specific route or leave it open it ended to appeal to a larger fanbase. I was even considering picking this up for weekly just because nothing I want airs on Monday or Wednesdays. If subs are timely, I still might but prospects look doubtful.

They sure took the best friend out of the picture early. He is introduced with a fiance so he will never be a target for the girls or competition for the main character. Technically, being committed like that should draw in flocks of girls, though but this is anime, who needs realism! Being best friends with main character is suffering.

Been a while since I watched a group that uses TL notes
So he has a imouto that got over half the episodes screen time. This was just brutally boring watching him run around town trying to find her. A first episode is the very first impression, when nothing happens for the first half of the episode, that is bad sign for things to come. She is picture perfect dense imouto that can't do anything by herself. I always hated this character type with a burning passion.

My initial assumption is this girl will be the one to win. I liked her introduction but her second introduction was ... If any girl is picked, she is clearly the one. From the looks of the style, I think this will be left open ended like many other anime. The rest of the girls don't even get much more then a few seconds of screen time, they could have at least introduced a few more.

I kind of want to cover something on those early days of the week but I strongly doubt this will be subbed in time, not to mention it was brutal to watch. All I can say is that I'll see. I always like to watch one of these anime just to see who gets picked. Maybe if this anime wasn't made as generic as possible I'd be more interested. I'll decided next episode if I'll continue.