PenguinDrum 12 - Nothing to Seizon Sanyraku About!

This episode was just all my WTFs. Another amazing episode that was just mind blowing. I was fully expected them to draw on the mystery flashback but I was blown away further of the actual event that occurred. Is this why they have so many scenes within the subway and the break between the episodes is a subway line too? I guess that was the subtle clue that the subway is a big thing within this anime, go figure.

I couldn't believe the flashback, so their parents were terrorists? I guess they left out explaining why they decided to gas everyone in the subway. My theory it was more penguin hats at work. Another theory floating around is that Momo isn't really dead which is why they never found her body. My crazy revelations later in the anime. They are really leading us on a wild train ride har har har (pun intended).

The major question is still if the diary is even the Penguindrum they are looking for. they finally asked that question within the anime so I can only assume that is foreshadowing that it really isn't it. I mean, the father might have been commanded by the penguin hats to take the diary from Momo which is why he gassed the subway but failed to obtain the diary. More is at play in that flashback then they are telling.

It was an interesting retelling of Mary had a little lamb. I think that the red haired brother misunderstood it though. The story was meant that the father had to retrieve the diary knowing it was wrong, to save his children. The innocent price that was paid was the mother? Just my guess. Either way, it feels more like a repeat of the cycle that happened in the flashback and they are only at the tip of the iceberg. So the only reason Himari was alive was because the red hair brother gave part of his own life to her? Off screen information that we were never informed of!

My jaw was on the floor when he appeared. I thought he was one of those only in dream characters. Appearing in the hospital was WTF? So he is that third faction trying to get their hands on the Penguindrum? Maybe they are the ones with the second half of the book. So many unknowns!! Guess we will see next episode.

Just an extremely awesome episode. New season stuff has started airing today and I need to catchup on those too. Really hoping I could've gotten this post out soon but I have been quite busy. Aiming for another 3-4 more posts today, super busy posting day to catchup!