Mayo Chiki 13 - That was the Finale?

Last post I made on Mayo Chiki, I claimed that the glasses fetish girl was left out, lo and behold, she got hers as the final episode. A very unorthdox final episode considering it was left pretty open ended. It is probably done for a potential second season but their BD sales weren't spectacular so I don't expect them to get one. Either way, there wasn't enough of Oujo-sama this episode. QQ

How did so much steam get in the way of that shot. It should have been a pretty clear shot. Then again, what do I know about photography? Watching reverse trap run her marathon across town to catch the cuplrit was amazing though. That's why you don't have a huge open window for your bath with tons of highrises around to see into it; That is just poor design.

This was the highlight of the episode, watching them cosplay. You aren't really blending in when no one else is cosplaying around you too. Where are the hoards of people surrounding them to take pictures? For glasses fetish girl to have her own fan club sure is awesome. Think of all that money she made off selling those books. How did she run out of money in the first place? Especially when she got friends to do grunt work for her.

I remember another anime that said the exact opposite, which is true!?!?!?

So this whole episode was to build up that she would be apart of main character's harem too? I thought it was obvious from the beginning that she was apart of the harem. Either way, it was a pretty ridiculous scene.  I think they were trying to go for something with a semi-serious tone but the nature of the conversion just made it impossible. Trying to replicate the same scene that main character had with reverse trap doesn't work when you are talking about your breasts being too large. Not to mention they forced you to stare at it and I couldn't help thinking clothes don't wrap around the breasts like that. <.<

Glasses fetish girl will surely deliver...

Still, I was not expecting an episode based around this character. Nice to see she got a chance at the spot light, to bad she is a crappy character. Thus ends another anime, it was a pretty good show to wind down and enjoy some mindless entertainment. Full review will probably come after i finish watching Fate/Zero and post about it; Stay tuned. Balancing blog and new Dragon Nest content is suffering.