Last Exile: Fam 01 - Finally Subs, it was worth the wait!

Confirmed for best character in show already!
Well, it was well worth the extra 3 day wait for subs which will probably happen every week now. Only subs seem to be Funamation rips since no group is actually picking it up, what a shame, I would've preferred faster subs. This was definitely an awesome first episode even if I realize I forgot most of what happened in  the first season. Nothing like steam punk, pirates, and an all female cast to spice things up. Inb4: Deconstruction anime!

They just had to start with a panty shot didn't they? What better way to start an anime is there? Oh ya, having your main character walk off an airship and left hanging, what a nice way for things to start off. So from what I can tell, Fam is our new heroine that is an extremely good sky pirate. She makes a decent main character with rash impulsive decisions, a very typical main character trait. Not the best, but definitely not the worst main character this season.

Things quickly jump into gear with the anime showing what sky pirates do, much better then explaining it. Luckily it doesn't take a genius to understand that pirates are out to loot and pillage other ships, and that is exactly what they do. I seriously do not remember any ship stealing through in the first season, I just remember delivering letters and water being a precious resource; I should really rewatch the first season.

At least this was one face I recognized, even if I wasn't 100% sure. I ended up Googling if this character appeared in first season, and my suspicions were correct. So this is the first and only character I remember from the first season. Something along the lines of being the final one to survive a battle to the death with her siblings? Well she certainly was pro this episode, clearly displayed the whole super veteran feel to her.

The main plot of (at least this arc) is quickly thrown in. I like this much more then stalling around that the other anime seem to be doing. Better to jump right into the action to captivate the attention of the viewer early. This is how you do a first episode right, no walls of text, no info dumping, an episode that melds explaining the setting into the their talking so they indirectly tell you about their world. Btw, two princesses ruling the nation now? No wonder they are being invaded.

Right now I am wondering if their are more nations then just the two that have been mentioned. Wouldn't violating sacred ground be cause for war for other nations too? This leads me to believe their is only two sides. A very simple tactic that they used to trick the enemy was super effective. They made use of the lack of communication to their advantage. I guess the question comes down to, how did they get flying ships but haven't mastered a cup + string method of communication? I guess I am reading too deeply into the steampunk genre.

Another Servant? We already met all but Beserker and he doesn't look crazy enough...

So we get a glance at the new "enemy" for this anime. I am wondering if things will just be a simple war between two factions or more factors will come into play; I am hopping the latter. I mean the first season started off with a simple war between two sides that changed drastically by the end. Might be a bit cliched to follow the same story frame as first season though...

I <3 Chu

Definitely an extremely well made first episode. They were able to introduce the characters much better then the other anime and they didn't need to info dump your face for the setting while getting you into the plot. This is how first episodes should be made, this leads me to believe I have lowered my standards lately. I was willing to put up with bad writing, but no more! Last Exile, deliver me to a new steam and punk filled world!