Steins;Gate 24 - So This is the Choice of Steins Gate...

Thought he was going to battle it out with his lightsaber, that would've been awesome

With this Steins;Gate ends. After 24 episodes, it felt like an eternity waiting ever week for a new fix. I wasn't too happy with how things were explained at the end of this anime. In the end, they resorted to using a deus ex machina to solve all their problems. I was really hoping it wouldn't come to that. It seems this is being used for everything, which is quite disappointing.

This is where things starting going downhill for me. The fact that the metal Upa could be replaced with a green one already "breaks" the attractor field theory. By that same notion, either a second metal upa should have dropped out of the vending machine or the papers should have found some other way of surviving regardless of tthe metal upa. This alone was very brutal to watch.Especially from past Ookarin's perspective, things have already changed, compared to what future Ookarin experienced. Even if it was such a simple thing, the ripple effect already dictates this can not happen. 

What is wrong with his face in this picture...

Battle scene wise, I was expecting something of this sort to happen. If things went smoothly, it would be way too boring. Watching him stab himself to get more blood out made me turn away, just thinking about it how painful that is brings a chill to my spine. Funny how helpless Kurisu was this time when she was semi useful last time around. 

Finally, the huge finale that wrapped everything up with a deus ex machina. Everyone magically remembers everything now, which on that notion, shouldn't SERN too? From what I was told, this world is also not effected by the attractor field which is why Ookarin claims the future is uncertain again. Way to drop a random ass thing that can't be explained or fit in at all just so we can get a happy ending. 

I was really liking this show, but an ending like this was very disappointing with the way they decided to wrap it up. I can go in more detail why their time theories are way off but this is pretty normal for story writers to not understand how their half baked stolen theories about time is flawed. Maybe if they did a bit more research on the main plot point being used, things would have turned out better. It was definitely a fun ride and I loved the characters, just the ending was extremely iffy for me. I'll have my spoiler free review up later when the anime has a better chance to sit with me to give a better rating on the overall picture rather then spur of moment that is heavily based on the final episode. I think if this episode ended at the time machine making it's final leap forward in time, things would already sit much better with me. That final scene was just brutal how inconsistent it was with the rest of the anime. I guess one good thing came from all this, Kurisu ending ftw.