Hansaku Iroha 24 - Unwavering Resolve

Just noticed how tiny she is...

This episode took unexpectedly long to watch, probably because of how uninterested I was in it. It also started off on the worse note possible. I care less about Ko and Ohana now that their ending is obvious. On a side note, I went a full week before I realized I mis-numbered my last post, go go high quality control! Another day in Ohana's boring life tsk tsk.

So we start off with Ko-chan trying to confess to Ohana only to have it reversed on him. If the drama they threw into this episode wasn't so nonsensical, I might have cared more. I mean they clearly like each other and their was zero chance rejection, why so drama? This just fueled my hatred for Ohana more, although Ko seemed a bit better since he tried to confess once again at least.

He got baited in so hard...

Just wow, way to randomly start shipping them together too. There is no rule that every character must hook up, damn them forcing these two together just to satisfy the Minko fans. Quite clearly Tohru's attitude changed quite a bit towards Minko this episode. I mean there is grounds for it after a bold confession, but I still hate that they will end up together too.

Older generation tend to not waste water, 

So it is pretty clear that the grandma is dead set on closing the inn which was pretty obvious when she asked Ohana's mom to run the inn again. At this point, I am sure that the inn won't close down, it is way too light hearted of an anime for that to happen. I mean they are pushing hard that the city sucks and rural areas are better. It would be odd to force Ohana back to that world. I am still leaning on Ohana somehow inheriting the inn over the young master even if she isn't ready; It would make a good finale.

So things will probably reach a climax as a standoff between the grandma and everyone else. The grandma will cave due to the strong unity amongst them and everything will be peachy again in Ohana's world. My only hope is Yuina randomly gets more screen time since she is the only decent character. She is so far removed from the main plot points though so hope is nearly lost...