Mayo Chiki 09-10 - Side Characters Unite!

Captain Obvious to the rescue!

This is the first time the focus of both episodes was not on the reverse trap but instead on the two side characters. Since the season is nearing it's end, it doesn't look like their will be any big climax for the season which is extremely rare. I am still enjoying this anime quite a bit without it though.

How did he even grab that?

So majority of the episode took place inside the maid cafe; Bunny-chan filling the classic tsundere roll. Nothing like Oujo-sama spicing everything up and making things interesting. So I assume that all the activities are normal in maid cafes? Do they really feed you, because that is a bit creepy...

I agree

What a hugely dragged out "cliffhanger" from the last episode that turned out to be nothing. I was raging pretty hard when she pretended she didn't say anything and I thought they would never talk about it again. Damn those fake cliffhangers, luckily they kind of resolved it. In the end, the status quo was not changed and he is open for his whole harem like every other anime of this genre.

Corner of a tofu cake? Really?

So we finally get to learn more about the little sister that has pretty much been left totally untouched. When everyone was ramping up for the next day, why was there a random background scene with an airplane. I thought they were going for another trip rather then be Kureha's birthday.

Interesting place to live in

The amount of presents she received were astounding; She is quite spoiled. Funny to see the ghosts actually existed in her apartment and wasn't just made up. We get to see a bit of a flashback to see why she cares so much about her birthday. Nothing super amazing, just a small moment in the past to treasure forever.

Oh Oujo-sama, you know exactly how to raise the correct flags

So there are three episodes remain, I assume an episode for the glasses fetish girl and a final two with the reverse trap and oujo-sama. With how open ended these episodes have been, I am sure the ending will be, it will probably be open to a second season. I wouldn't mind watching a second season of this. Maybe not blog posts though...