Penguindrum 09 - Enter Loli Himari

This looks so wrong out of context

So last week I commented how Himari seemed like a shell of a character with no real development. That has been thrown out the door with an episode based purely around her. It raises many questions on how these new character ties into all this as they are clearly extremely important to the plot.

Pink haired librarians are always trustworthy

So a new random person related to the higher powers appears. I was actually pretty confused if the anime started as a dream or a flashback until they actual did the flashbacks. I noticed the 3 painted on the back of the penguin so I assumed it was a dream but wasn't sure. He clearly relates to the penguindrum and this fate stuff much more then he lets on. Is he like the architect from the Matrix, cause he sure gives off that vibe to me.

What are the marks in the center of that mirror? Cracks already?

We finally find out why she randomly ties her hairs in buns like that; She looks worse like that. A scar that will never heal isn't the end of the world, especially if you are already married. I don't think they should be that worried about, then again, it is more about Himari feeling guilty for what happened. The friends jumping in to want to help seemed a bit uncharacteristic and forced. Clearly showed they were good friends so why did they lose all contact when she left the school; Internet does exist. It was nice to see one of the memories that haunts Himari greatly though.

We finally know who these mascots are

So this episode raised many questions, mainly about the three new characters and how they tie into everything. It was a nice change of pace from the heavy Ringo based episodes we have been having lately. I was hoping she would remember the dream and joins the quest for the penguindrum. I'll settle with a loli Himari flashback I guess...