Penguindrum 11 - The Threads of Fate

Wow, what an episode. To bad I had to watch it as a 288P 40MB video file, but I didn't want to wait. Epic stuff from start to finish. They threw in a bunch of new factors leaving you going zomgz. An extremely good episode, we finally get to see the Ringo arc nicely wrapped up with the new arc starting up with the better stalker. Not sure if I am slow on the uptake and missed it last episode, but I noticed the opener was changed a bit.

I was very surprised to see the red haired brother confront the ex-lover. I was hoping it wouldn't drag out trying to figure out her identity and I was ecstatic that they didn't. She had a nice speech to justify her stalking. Insane as she is, she has a very unique perspective on love and stalking. I just love how she turned it into a game. We now know that another girl is holding the other half of the diary. So we have yet another super secret character.

Where does she find all these super rare toads?

I can't believe those secret formulas worked. Funny how she hesitated to put the frog on her face but had no problem getting the blue haired twin to do something similar. A very nice turn of events for her to realize it isn't what she wanted. I still wonder what the super famous person is doing with the teacher. Perhaps she is the one that stole the other half of the diary. She clearly doesn't fit in and changed her attitude this episode towards Ringo. The change could be because she has part of the diary. Still, it was very nice to see her reach the final step and back out even if it was slightly out of character. It was what we (audience) wanted to see, including me.

Condescending Himari is best Himari

It was semi foreshadowed earlier in the episode when the red head girl said they were cursed 16 years ago. It so happens to linked up with Momo too. So turned out much more interconnected then it first appeared. It leads to the huge and obvious question of what exactly happened 16 years ago and how does it relate. hopefully it will be an awesome flashback and not and not some glued together explanation. I am definitely looking forward to more episodes. Side note: no Seizon Senyraku music? Super sad, though condescending Himari was awesome.