Mayo Chiki 11-12 - Randomness

So the climax came and went within these two episodes leaving the finale as just a fun episode. I wasn't expecting any serious story from this so not too disappointed. Oujo-sama always keeps me well entertained. I love anime like these but they are so damn hard to blog about D: At least it was out much earlier then usual this week. Now if only Penguindrum came out faster too...

Episode 11 starts with them finally back in school with an all so familiar run in with Usagi with some classic toast in the mouth. Funny enough, I actually do that toast in the mouth because I wake up to late and don't have to to sit and eat. Just replace the toast with a generic bread, though I rarely eat breakfast anyways. Sadly, I have yet to run into anyone with bread in my mouth in the morning. Wouldn't that be an awesome story.

The hiccups were pretty awesome. I thought it was pretty obviously fake from the beginning, especially that awesome story she had accompanied with it. You would think that at one point he would catch on to her devilish schemes. I am still kind of conflicted what Oujo-sama wants. She clearly likes him but then does things to help bring the reverse trap and main character together. It must suck to have to babysit the two of them like that.

The new crazy plot point of reverse trap getting the chance at a "normal" life seemed like the climax of it all, but that would break the story of reverse trapping. She would no longer be a stand out character and be  another generic harem girl. The story would be less appealing and we can't have that can we? I still wonder how Oujo-sama was able to convince the father to agree to let her be a butler again. That skimmed over part doesn't seem to flow well, I guess things are never meant to make sense in humor anime anyways.

I thought anime like these had to keep the status quo and no girl can actually obtain the main character? It is quite clear the reverse trap was going to win, but I still prefer Oujo-sama over her any day. If they end up together, it means they had no plans for a season two. Still wondering if the ending will be an anime only one. After this final event, there is no way he can claim they are just friends right? Not to mention she voluntarily went into his bed...

So the season finale is coming up next week. Really looking forward to next anime season right now though. More story based anime to be able to write about effectively. I always have to watch a few of these light hearted comedy ones though; They are nice to sit back and relax to. Nothing like mindless humor to rot your brain!