Hansaku Iroha 25 - A Lesson in Perespective

Wow, this anime just feels more and more excruciatingly painful to sit through. I actually paused this episode at least 5 times to whimper in pain. I don't get why helping for the bonbon festival = enemy, burn her! It is like your typical school yard "you're not my friend anymore!"  logic. It just hurt so hard watching this episode and the absolute idiocy they turn into super suspenseful drama.

Even if Yuina was only in the background, my wishes were answered. She was in almost the whole episode, even if her lines were extremely limited. My hatred for Minko grew stronger with this episode, which I didn't  think was possible. She deserves all the rape doujins that will be written about her. Words can not describe how much she pissed me off with her idiocy. She takes being tsun-tsun in such a wrong way, that's not the path to being a tsundere.

Well deserved

At least one person had sense to explain that the real world isn't as black and white as "IT'S A WAR!" After that display, I agree that he isn't fit for running the inn. You need a certain mindset to be successful at running a business, he doesn't have it. I still favour Ohana somehow getting the inn, it would be a nice way to end things.

Her mom coming back to help was pretty random though. I mean she knew about the plight of the inn, but I was pretty sure an episode or two ago, she got a one liner mentioning that the article all she could do for them; Clearly it wasn't! I am pretty jaded about this random step, since it is pretty clear the grandma will be willing to keep the inn open now. At least the life changing event had a pretty good explanation. It is hard for those that lead to see the perspective of ones that follow. It was an extremely nice touch to see, a constant reminder that everything is about perspective.

What ruffles my feathers is how they can believe the same quality service is offered with what they are doing. Changing breakfast to a buffet already implies that the same service is not being offered. Even if the food is the same quality, breakfast in your suite is much more luxurious then eating in a buffet style. That is like roadside assistance is the same as bringing in your car to be fixed. Not to mention the are filled over capacity and they don't even have enough manpower to keep everyone served. How were they all going to go to the festival, doesn't someone need to stay to tend to the guests? great job keeping the same level of service!

Only one more episode remains now. I wonder how they are going to spin them all going to the festival. I am sure it will be an extremely Ko heavy episode, bleh. It feels like they will be packing in way to much content for this one episode though. Super duper spoiler: Everything will be happy end with everyone getting what they want! Guess you didn't see that coming.