Deus Ex: Random Thoughts

Playing only through the first mission of Deus Ex I find this game to be very enjoyable, it's nothing full blown over the top like most games nowadays, but it has me reminiscing over the good old days of gaming.
Proof that Square Enix wont let Final Fantasy die. FF XXVII
After playing through the first level I find I die really really fast, so a firefight this early is suicidal, however there are plenty of moments to be all sneaky sneaky like a ninja (who doesn't love ninjas?). I enjoy the game so far and it definitely has the story to lure anyone in. 
Finding this picture (above) of Final Fantasy 27 in "whats his face's" room (the tech guy with the attitude), I wonder if they purposely chose to have "7" in there, maybe this could lead to speculation or more theories behind a remake of FF VII, or at least when Final Fantasy was at it's prime.

Carpet cleaner of the future! the stupid infomercials come back to mind.