Steins;Gate 20 - I Thought FB Was Facebook

What an amazing episode with an obvious cliffhanger that has been looming over us for quite some time. This was a pretty important episode with some huge spoilers, so this is the only warning to not read this if you haven't caught up yet. I don't want to ruin the epic-ness of this episode with my crappy writing. XD


I'm not sure if I'm the only one that noticed, but I believe that Mayuri is retaining some of her memory with all of these jumps, too. She mentions that Okabe hasn't talked to her recently - but, with all of these jumps, not much time should have actually passed. He keeps repeating these same days, so she must retain the memories of the jump to be able to tell that he hasn't talked to her lately. Just my thoughts; she is clearly connected deeper in this than what we see so far, at least.

To jump right into the big action piece of this episode... It was interesting to hear that Bruan's story was similar to Moeka's. He simply recreated it to pull more people in. My question is still about how Suzu fits into all of this if she helped him. What was his task? To get the IBN to SERN? Why would they need to decipher their own emails? It makes more sense that when they actually got their hands on the IBN, Moeka didn't need to look for one anymore, because they wanted Ookarin to have one to help them work on time travelling.

Poor Nae.

So, now a bit about the VN as I was spoiled as to what was cut out. Skip this paragraph if you don't want to know what was cut. Basically, Bruan doesn't kill anyone but himself, and Nae time-leaps from the future to kill Moeka and then torture Ookarin a bit. I would've loved to see Nae go on a psycho killing spree; I was pretty disappointed to see this section cut. If only this anime was 26ep and then they could include it... D:

Captain Obvious to the rescue!

It was so blatantly obvious and I even commented on it a few times before, but with the pacing of the last few episodes I totally forgot. It was that  feeling of when you realize something you should have known all along. So, it comes down to a choice between Kurisu and Mayuri. I would pick Kurisu any day. I guess we will see if he can come up with a resolution to save everyone.

This was definitely a high note for this season, leaving me wanting more episodes. Translations are up to 7/11 chapters, and I can't wait to play through this. I definitely feel like I'm missing many of the small points that would tie things together neatly. Four more episodes to go; I need a time-leaping microwave to get me to next week faster!