First Official Dota 2 Tournament

I'm not so late to the party this time, catching the 4th live-stream game of Dota 2. For those that don't know: the first official tournament for Dota 2 is being streamed off the official website for the next couple days. None of the teams know what they are getting into and have not "tested" anything yet.  You can watch it live here. So, this is like the first live gameplay footage. You can watched archived matches of this tournament here.

From what I have seen, it looks almost identical to LoL, which is a step backwards when compared with HON. Still, the competitive scene looks good and I would still consider moving over, depending on how pricing and such goes. I noticed that all of the 3 matches I missed had Weaver in it, being my favourite hero from Dota that was not ported into HON. I am still anxious to see him in action.

The only other major issue was that their stream could not support the mass amount of viewers and the game had lag issues. This is all stuff that hopefully will be sorted out by the official release. I'm still looking forward to see how Dota 2 will look, even if I hate that huge LoL-feel that the graphics give off. I'm still in a bit of awe of watching competitive games that aren't HON.