Steins;Gate 19 - Moeka Overload

Not enough Kurisu...

The majority of this episode took place in a small room with Ookarin and Moeka. Maybe if I liked her character more, then I would have enjoyed this episode. She was my least favourite character, which actually was still a bit better as the antagonist. Her character just felt very weak.

I thought it was pretty obvious that she had a huge hand in making the IBN 5100 disappear. The second she sent her D-mail, it went missing, which you later find out that she will come kill Mayuri. I think her D-mail would be the first one I would try and reverse. I wonder what would happen if I went down that route in game, or if they would even let you. I wasn't too surprised that her D-mail had nothing to do with her actual phone.

I guess I just feel her character was a bit weak. She seemed kind of kool with the slight mystery about her and FB. On that note, I have already been spoiled on who FB was, and my question is why? She mindlessly followed the orders set out to her; I mean, at one point, you would start to question it a bit. Being saved from suicide gave her a purpose, so to be so devoid of common logic and follow so blindly just feels out of my scope of understanding. Maybe because I question everything... Either way, it just felt wrong to see her so mindlessly obeying everything.

There's no YouTube version of this alternate ending yet, but the patch exists. I would just need to get that far in the game, and I think I'm better off waiting for the upload. Instead, I watched the Suzuha ending today. I was pretty shocked halfway through when I thought some crazy shit was going to happen; too bad I was let down again. I kind of see how the ending would be considered favouring Suzuha, but I dislike how they decided to end things. It was just way too open-ended....

So, we will see next week how everything starts to tie together. We will probably be revealed the true identity of FB near the end of the episode as things wind up. We will probably see the strings of fate that tie together to force Mayuri to die, which I am extremely interested in. This was a more boring episode for me; maybe if Moeka was running around with guns blazing, I would like her more. Alas, seeing her rolled up in a ball cowering in the corner is not appealing.