First Look at Mayo Chiki 01

I guess I wasn't too surprised that I would enjoy this first episode. After watching the PV and then reading a couple of chapters, I knew that I would love this anime. I just worry that it might be hard to blog about episodically, since humour-based anime are hard to talk about without ruining the punchlines. Hopefully, it will have a decent underlying plot along with it to make things easier to blog about.

How did he manage to undress her while just pushing her down? I mean, that is pretty pro, and a skill that many people would wish to have. The character introductions thus far have been pretty good, each with their own defining trait to drive the main character crazy. I guess I just like the mass amount of punchlines being thrown around.

No, no, I changed my mind; this is the real reason why I love this anime. She is the driving force to everything happening so far, and she is awesome to boot. A nice mix of insanity and sadism make for a great character. I can't wait to see more of her. 

I guess I should mention the other two amazing characters so far, too. Firstly, there's the trap that clearly is going to fall for the main character. This will just further spur the rumours about the main character being gay. It should prove to be interesting. The sister striving to be as good as her mother made a great entrance. They sure have an insane family. I wish I could beat a tiger with my bare hands... D:

A box of tissue and a garbage bin with crumpled tissues...

I will try to blog about this anime episodically, but it really might be too hard due to its nature of being humour-based. I will be watching this until the end regardless of whether I blog about it or not, so maybe I'll do some batch posts for it. Either way, I enjoyed this episode greatly, and can't wait for more.