First Look at Sacred Seven 01

Sleeping powers, huh? Seems like there is always one...

This anime turned out much better than expected. The amount of action they packed into the first episode was high and it was pretty well-animated. If the anime continues on this trend, I think I will definitely enjoy it. These two factors were extremely noticeable as I was watching the episode. I mean, 10min in and I paused it, thinking it was about to end. I was just astounded at how much action they packed into 20min.

The one thing that obviously stood out was the army of maid girls. I mean, I don't think that is very menacing; then again, they are fighting pieces of rock. Who knows what intimidates rocks...? It could even be maid costumes! Inb4 maid costume on main character to win final battle. XD

He looked better in purple emo mode.

I guess the real question as I watch this is about which route they will take. How shounen will the series end up being, and how much battle will that be? I never picked up Star Driver and I guess I am using this as a replacement. If the quality stays up, much like the first episode, then I have no doubt that I will enjoy this series. I am just worried that things will go downhill after so much money was spent on that one episode.

So is he the archnemesis that turns out to have good motives?

I was also fully expecting that the girl at the bus stop would die. She would have been the reason for the main character to be emo all season, but then she lived and I was kind of sad. I guess I am too used to that being a plot device; we won't see it until later, I guess? The episode did do a good job, giving you many questions about what happened, all of which I assume will be explained in the next episode.

I'll probably pick if I'll blog about this by the second or third episodes, but the prospects look good right now. I'm still not very up-to-date on when everything airs and such, since I have less time to lurk while on my vacation. I just hope it is fabulous, like Star Driver that I never watched.