Denpa Onna 11-12 - "15% Concentrated Power of Will"

5% pleasure, 50% pain... That sums up these episodes pretty well. This anime just has zero grip for me. I am forcing myself to finish this, which is pretty bad when it was the final episode with the climax and resolution. I mean, it wasn't as bad as the episodes before, but it is pretty bad considering that it was the final episode. It could have also been because I just watched Blood-C (which will be coming some time later), and that was just brutal.

I think I am getting mixed messages from her. She does all these things that insinuate that she wants to be a part of the harem, but then she also help Ryuuko get her man. It's a total enigma what she really wants, but I know for sure that a bit of jealousy and cat-fighting might be better. I just know that we barely got to see her in random cosplay these two episodes, which hugely removed from the little allure she had.

These episodes made me like her much more. I thought she would just be another character, but at least she is a bit omniscient, which makes her more fun to have in the anime. I think it was pretty clear that she actually has ESP powers by the end, which wasn't too bad. Though her long monologue explaining ESP was very nice. I love when they explain small random things; it shows that things are thought-up a bit rather than just thrown together for plot.

Comparing this crucial "hit" to [C], all I can say is WTF? They did a much better job. Why was the entire black-and-white thing necessary for [C]? Having some colour and spinning around with some more sketched characters is fine; at least this one had a hell of a lot more frames than [C] did. I mean, you could at least add in more frames to your big climactic blow.

In the end, the anime turned out horribly; not only too horrible to watch, but really horrible to blog about. There is nothing to talk about it. I would have dropped this anime much, much earlier if not for my need to be complete with series I pick up. I'm finally done with this, and I'm pretty relieved. If only they did something more with this rather than try and sell random pretty faces (that all had eccentric personalities). It doesn't stand out when all of them are like that; contrast is pretty important, you know...