Steins;Gate 11 - Serious Academic Anon

Things are progressing slowly again, but the difference is that they've finally shown me enough to keep me hooked into wanting more episodes. With pretty much everything I am watching this season feeling like it is going to shit, this is the single ray of hope with promises of a brighter future.

They are onto implementing the next phase of their plan: time leaping. This should prove interesting; it could also provide some more pieces to what happened in the first episode. Maybe they had an incomplete version of memory transfer? At least they figured out part of the mystery of how the microwave works, even though I got spoiled on that part already. It's not like it was anything major; I was just curious about how things worked.

Again, here's the question of the ethics of tampering with time. Hey, it is exactly like [C] except without the shitty animation and plot. How different my perception of an anime is when things are actually done correctly. Random jab aside, I don't think they explained this very properly. It was very simplistic with a random WTF deep line to end the scene from Mayuri. Basically the response to her changes depending on your perception of time. So far, they seem to have explained time with the parallel dimensions theory since they talk of world lines splitting. To better answer her question, the conversation they had would be unchanged in this timeline and every other ones and the timeline she "lands in" would create a new line with this jump rather than affecting a pre-existing one. So, you aren't technically changing anything but rather creating new lines, if that makes sense.

Well, at least I was correct in assuming that Kurisu probably worked for SERN. This explains why the part-timer hated her so much, being John Titor and all. The real question is if she is really an undercover spy right now or just something that occurs in the future. My theory on this changes depending on the timeline; at this point, she is because of the obvious fact that SERN is open to them on their computer. This is something that was not mentioned during the first hacking attempt. I assume it was because the timelines changed. Either way, I think Kurisu will be changed because of visiting her father and stop spying for SERN, actually siding with Ookarin until the bubble pops and she fights to hold Ookarin's trust.

I can't believe they needed to foreshadow this happening...

So, overall the episode seems to have slowed back down to unfold the story more slowly to us. I guess all I hope for is a well-flowing plot with no holes. So far, it has done a good job explaining everything so I am enjoying this anime quite a bit. I've been told the visual novel is a good 40 hours long, so I'm not sure if they can fit all the content into the anime, causing things stop flowing as smoothly near the end. I'll see, but at least things are going good now.