Dog Days 11 - When Insert Songs Aren't Good Enough for Redemption


I am a huge fan of insert songs, but it still wasn't enough to even come close to redeeming this anime. I haven't seen such a badly-done ending in quite some time. It is one thing to fall back on crappy cliches with the ending, but when they fail to hold any sort of tension within the viewers, they have failed in creating a climax.

It was obvious from their introduction that these two would have a bit more explaining. To be boild down to something so simple hurt me greatly. These were all more things that could have been developed much better, and not to mention in a horrible fight that ended in one shot. I guess that should come with no surprise; every fight after the second episode has been done pretty poorly, so why should this be any exception?

I mean, I love insert songs, but something looked off about Millihore for the entire thing; I couldn't put my finger on it. She just looked a bit funny. It didn't help that my favourite character of this anime, Leo-sama, showed such an ugly side of her. I agree with her; she should have never done it. Suck it up rather than seek condolence for her actions. This just adds to my hatred for this episode and anime.

The only plot-ish thing left is for the hero to go home and if I were him, never come back. It was obvious the loli found a way, which needs four conditions (based on the preview). It will probably be something stupid that will be brushed off as a side thing for the next episode. I really have zero hopes after these last few episodes if this anime. I guess I dislike it so much that I don't want to talk about it; just end already.