Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi Eps11-12 [END]

Maybe it's the pouring rain outside, but these two episodes really had a completely different feel than usual. With the series finishing up, I can't help but already want a Season 2. So addicted...

As demure as it gets.

This batch focused entirely on Ritsu and Takano. It was very emotionally-charged on several levels - Ritsu contemplated his career decisions (since he originally wanted literature, not manga) and also his relationship with Takano (including what he actually wanted). Yokozawa butted in just as he did before, demanding Ritsu's unconditional disappearance. The episodes (and the series) ended with lots of subconscious development on all fronts, although there were still unanswered questions (like what actually happened 10 years ago between this pairing).

When work is killing you.

Ep11 began with Ritsu collapsed in front of his door, waking up in the morning to realize that he had passed out (from tiredness) the previous night and had to attend a meeting for which he was already late. It was immensely touching to see his situation throughout the entire episode (and the next); he has been working incredibly hard but hasn't felt "right" about it. Even as he got to the meeting, he was berated for being late (though not really; he was just there after his bosses, not actually late). In a cut-throat world, it's really hard to speak up about your own inadequacies (after all, I'm sure his fellow editors are having just as hard a time).

I really wanted to see more of this guy.

The meeting was clearly not somewhere he actually belonged, given the strong personalities at the table in comparison to his typical "keep the peace" kind. After the meeting, a run-in with an author that he took care of at his previous company (his father's Onodera Publishing) began the sequence of events that would take precedence in these two episodes. He was reminded of his days as a literature editor and was also praised by his former author that he was really made for literature. Similarly, the new-found attention of a literature editor at Marukawa (currently editing for the author) allowed for some jealousy on Takano's part.

They might just live in a rich and affluent neighbourhood with such scenery.

As is the case with these things, Ritsu found himself at a library really late in the evening, returning his books. He had spent a good chunk of the episode until this point reminiscing about literature (and working overtime due to Takano's evil demands), and was caught off-guard when Takano showed up (to use the library's drop-off slot, coincidentally). One thing led to another (including talks about how Takano was jealous of the association with another man) and then...

Oh, come on.

It's been some time since Ritsu and Takano have been physically close. To add to Ritsu's already growing confusion over his feelings, Takano announced that he had known Ritsu even before the confession 10 years ago. What this means, obviously, is that while Ritsu secretly watched Takano and let his feelings grow, Takano probably did the same thing for Ritsu. One would think that, if two people secretly watch each other, one of them is bound to find out. It's like the plothole of Mr and Mrs Smith all over again. Anyway, this caused Ritsu to temporarily be startled, but he (like a typical uke) got over it by assuming that, surely, it was just a misunderstanding. While it's slightly annoying how readily he becomes pessimistic, it also added to the emotional climate of the episode.

I'm such a sucker for animals.

The episode ended with a confrontation between Yokozawa and Ritsu. The former had been waiting at Takano's apartment, with a cat named Sorata (apparently the cat that Takano had rescued 10 years ago, causing Ritsu to fall in love with him). Yokozawa once again demanded that Ritsu stop interfering, getting angry when Ritsu proclaimed that he had nothing to do with Takano. A bit of the "secret story" that random characters randomly refer to was revealed; Takano had some kind of breakdown partially through college, years after Ritsu and he broke up, because a former classmate had determined that Ritsu had had a fiancee during high school. Apparently, the break-up had been sudden without a clear reason, so Takano had been pretty beat-up about it to begin with. Finding out that he had been two-timed added to the pain. Meanwhile, on the viewer's end, what is going on? Ritsu claimed the fiancee was a misunderstanding, but it wasn't explained clearly beyond that.

Like the morning-after awkwardness.

Ep12 picked up exactly where ep11 left off (with a few minutes of recap), with Takano walking in and the confrontation ending. Ritsu quickly escaped to his apartment, feeling down about all the situations at the same time. It became very obvious that, when he wasn't looking, his feelings for Takano had "returned" (it's questionable if they ever went away) and what he mistook for "confusion" was essentially things like jealousy, possessiveness, yearning, and so on. While it's true that this development came out of nowhere, a lot of BL is usually feelings-based, so different viewers can have different takes. It's a problem that I generally have with shounen-ai - it can be very poorly done - but I do like this author's way of presenting these things.

Meh. I've seen messier.

Ritsu also began questioning his career and whether he was doing the right thing. Apparently, in the hustle and bustle of keeping up with the Emerald Department, he had entirely overlooked that Marukawa was generally lenient with transfers, meaning that Ritsu could most likely easily move over into the literature department. His tension over his career was very interesting to see; it's often that one puts all their effort into something but doesn't really feel rewarded at the end. Such a rut is difficult to realize, assess, or get out of. Of course, only slightly realistically, a call from his mangaka led to her praising his skills, and he began feeling rejuvenated. Coincidental compliments definitely happen in real life, but their impact always depends on several factors. However, considering Ritsu said many times that one good event always allows him to forget the bad ones, I could accept it. (This also means a lot for his love life~)

That's some serious cut.

Moving right along with the coincidences, Ritsu's fall from the previous episode led to delayed bleeding and he had no medicinal supplies so Takano stepped in (with Yokozawa long gone; he's obviously only a catalyst for now). Ritsu's inability to actively sabotage situations was amusing; he wanted to pretend that nothing was wrong but couldn't hide that he was jealous of Yokozawa. Even as strong as he appears to be, obviously Takano needs a pick-me-up every once in a while.

Big boys don't cry.

After failing to lock the door even though he tried to will himself to (thus revealing some of his innermost desires), Takano arrived at Ritsu's apartment with the supplies and got to work. The conversation turned to Yokozawa and Takano talked about how he was dependable (for Ritsu's benefit at work), while Ritsu shamefully thought about completely different questions. To be honest, I would like these questions answered, too. Did they date? How close are they? Why was the cat with Yokozawa? Answers!

He's giving in! Go, go, go!

I guess, if not answers, then I'll settle for sudden and quick development (isn't that what yaoi is all about, anyway). With Ritsu looking uneasy and probably very attractive to Takano, the coming-on portion of the episode began. Considering that Takano was very clear with his desires and Ritsu was obviously failing at his attempts to stop it (to be fair, he seemed like he wanted it a lot more than the last time the two had this kind of scene), I genuinely did think this episode (and series) would end with sex.

Surely, that must be rude. Cute, but rude.

I'm sure a part of me was disappointed when it didn't. Truthfully though, it would have been kind of out of place. Ritsu and Takano have a lot of things that they need to talk about and, just like with the first time around, sex would muddle things up for this couple. A phone call from the mangaka broke up their actions and Ritsu went to work. The way that Takano left - with a goodbye kiss - held a lot of meaning. Even without any visible improvement, this pair has had a lot of development under the surface.

Not much hope for the future, hm.

The episode ended with the same kind of tone that the series began with. Ritsu has been rejuvenated and wants to become a good manga editor. While his relationship with Takano isn't solid yet, they're well on their way to it. I thought that I would be disappointed without serious development by the end of this series, but the way it was done was endearing enough. Given the amount of episodes, rushing into a relationship would have felt too reminiscent of their first attempt. I'm seriously hoping for a Season 2 at this point~