Hanasaku Iroha 13 - Like Mother Like Daughter

This episode seems to mark the end of another arc. I am really disliking this entire arc-based approach, though. It's way too disjointed and you don't get a need to continue watching the anime since the flow is broken.

God, Ohana's mother was awesome. Picture-perfect bully, and really displays how useless of a brother he was. I mean, even now, he is worthless and relies on his "girlfriend" to come in and help. It's funny how much his girlfriend resembled his sister's personality. He quite clearly has a siscon thing going on. I think a slice-of-life about her life at the inn would have been more interesting than Ohana's life. At least, a full episode dedicated to it would be nice.

It was more like she dumped him. I am kinda disappointed that she will probably end up with Ko at this rate. The entire Tohru X Ohana would probably have netted a more interesting match-up. I just feel that Ko should be cut from the story. I mean, he doesn't even live in a close proximity and, as we all know, long-distance relationships never work. Just cut him, already; it's not like he was even any good.

I really wonder what this next episode will be about...

I just feel that this anime is too disjunct at this point. It follows a more old-school style of short arcs that lead everything back to the main story, so it's like nothing's happened by the end of the anime. I guess you still see it with American sitcoms, too, which I dislike greatly. You can only come up with so many different scenarios before things get stale, and things are now already feeling stale. A continuous plotline is almost neccessary to keep people like me entertained and gripped into watching the next episode. It was fine for the last few episodes with a prolonged arc, but now we are back to the same problem.

I guess this anime just doesn't interest me with this style. Maybe if the arcs were more interesting or more drama was created to keep me captivated. It isn't hard; just have crying wars like in AnoHana and BAM, there's drama. It is just that easy. More QQ, less pew-pew - wait, that's not right...