Hoshizora 11 - The Second Rejection

This episode reaffirmed that Ibuki was the best egg in the basket. I knew her failure was coming, but I can't help but feel disappointed to see her fail. I guess I should be happy that we got two episodes dedicated purely to her, rather than the one episode that everyone else got. I am mainly disappointed that the worst girl of the bunch is going to win.

He's got the right idea.

Madoka sure let this go pretty easily for such a long-term crush. I expected at least some residual feelings; I mean, you don't just turn it off. At least the best-friend-that-will-never-be-anything-but-an-accessory-for-the-main-character-to-increase-his-harem is cheerful, as always. It must really suck to be him, watching the City Boy come in and create a harem of all the "best" girls in the school...

At this point, it's pretty obvious that Ui has got this in the bag. Though at the rate the main character is going, wouldn't it be funny if he turned her down, too? He'll end the anime by turning down all the girls to preserve his harem atmosphere; that would be something new. It would be him choosing to stay in the same position he is in rather than stuck in limbo cause the writers willed it.

I am still so disappointed that Ibuki was not picked. She was, by far, the best girl, being the only one with the will to chase after what she wanted. She was the only one that seemed like she wasn't outright insane. I guess I can't fault them for actually picking a girl for this anime, even if it was the worst pick. Damn the main character for having shitty taste.

WTF is with that spaghetti?

Well, there's one final episode for this anime. It wasn't too bad of an anime; there were far worse this season. *cough cough* [C] *cough cough* I mean, at least I got quite a few good laughs throughout the season. I am not looking forward to the final episode, but it can't be worse than how [C] ended, right?