Hoshizora 09 - Trials and Tribulations

This is an extremely delayed post because I got my new laptop yesterday. Being bought in China, I had to wipe the OS and re-install all the drivers and such, which is what I spent my time doing rather than the post.

I don't think sunlight works so selectively...

Wow. Just wow. It has been a while since I had to close my laptop in rage quite a few times in one episode. Hina, who has had little to zero development the entire anime so far had an episode dedicated to her. That isn't necessarily bad; it's just that the general scenes in this episode kept making me facepalm.

They attempted to give Hina a chance to apologize before the end of the anime, which is fast approaching, since the preview next episode seems to focus on Madoka. Hina got her small chance in the spotlight, though I never liked her to begin with. This episode did not help, even after given such a long time to convince me.

I mean, it is portrayed that she was useless because she couldn't explain what she really wanted to her father. In itself, that was fine, until I started counting out the amount of times this occurred. Maybe once or twice would be okay, but the sheer amount of times was outrageous. I know I shouldn't be thinking of this logically but still, to be able to say you want to go to university and not add in that half a sentence to explain it was for the shop. It just serves to make me hate her more.

Holy shit, even the moms want in on the harem.

We will get a Madoka-centred episode next week, it appears. This should prove interesting since it was been a dragged-out point from pretty early on in the anime. I'm pretty sure I'll be disappointed, but I need to see things through to the end. At this point, Ibuki is my favourite of the girls, but she has zero chance of winning the harem.

OMG, she changed clothes! Is anyone else reminded of Senjougahara?

I guess I just didn't like her character from the start, leading to my bias going into this episode. Having her pretty much useless and standing around all episode didn't help her case, either. Being a pretty side character, I'm sure she won't get much scene time anymore. Good riddance.