Hoshizora 08 - Jealousy

They are really shipping this brotherly love...

Only in a harem anime will the cast go to not just a hot spring, but also the beach. They'll take any chance they get to show off more skin for the characters. Ui gets to show off how jealous she is that Kazuma is giving attention to other girls in the harem rather than just her. This was probably the first episode where Ui seemed to take a back seat as things progressed around her.

Can't believe he took a joke seriously. D:

Yet again, I'd like to point out that no one changes their clothes to go out. It leads me to believe that these are the "real" main set of clothing for the characters rather than their school uniforms. We rarely see them in school any more, as they're just roaming around town.

They are finally revving to the final battle between the girls to be Kazuma's bride. They made it clear this episode that Ibuki was also a choice, not just Madoka and Ui. It's too bad that Ibuki's job is to be a tsundere, so just outright liking him would be out of the question. Therefore, she has no real chance against the other two contenders. Poor Ibuki; the character development for you in these last two episodes was just to set up for your fall. It must be tough being part of a harem.

Seriously, what is Hina's job in this anime? As of right now, her job is to fill some time. Every time she has been on screen, she just kinda stood around, stared a bit, and then got a bland line leading to some more staring. We know nothing about her and she has really not moved an inch in terms of character since our first introduction. She could be replaced by a tree swaying in the wind, and no one would notice.

There's not too much to talk about this episode, since it was more about Ibuki's attempt to get into Kazuma's heart. Knowing that it is all futile, there is no point in going into too much depth. Hopefully, when Madoka's back-story shows up, things will get more interesting. I am still rooting for her to win, with no real reason why I like her the most. Bias ftw~