Steins;Gate 07 - Time to Win the Lottery

So, it has been quite a few episodes, but finally the gears are turning. Things have moved in a favourable direction, since it seems to follow Ookarin in his time traveling. It means we will get to see him make the mistakes, send a message back, and try to fix it himself. This is much better than just receiving random messages that set him on the right track.

The major direction the episode was heading towards was winning the lottery. After with some help from Bern, I finally nailed down the saying that comes to mind every time Ookarin comes up with plans. "小人無大志", for which the literal translation is "small person, no big ambition". In more layman's terms, it's just small thinking from a small person. All of Ookarin's action embody this trait, so far; this was why the kicker at the end of the episode felt so strong. A chance to maybe be something bigger and change the world probably never really crossed his mind.

I am like 90% sure that she is John Titor. The way she acts is just way too peculiar. She even tells him to ask John Titor for answers and says that she is on his side. It is like saying, "Ask me later so I can conceal my identity." It was also so coincidental for her to show up to help work under Ookarin's lab right as they completed their time machine, with knowledge of everything they had been doing. I'll be really shocked if she isn't John Titor in disguise.

It's a TRAP!

We get to finally see the time travelling first hand. Technically, it happened in the first episode too, but it wasn't very clear at that point, being just some random guesses. We can clearly tell now that he, or at least his conscience, can travel back in time, probably to the break point where history was altered too largely. This could explain why the first episode was already skipped back. Kurisu's death was a large shift in history, so by learning of it, he could travel all the way back to the point of the incident, whereas something like a lottery ticket only affected the trap a bit into buying a ticket. It's just some more speculation about the events that have occurred.

She sure is...

This was a very good episode to finally kick things into gear. We still see that the banter is strong between the characters this episode, even being heavily plot-oriented. Though, unlike Dog Days, things are only starting to kick into gear, while that anime is reaching towards climax. This anime still has a long way before hitting that kind of anticipation level from me. This is at least a good starting point, though. Here is to hoping for the best~