Dog Days 07 - You Gotta Play Catch with Your Dog


Well, we got the start of that peak towards the climax of the anime in this episode. Everything is starting to set in motion for the huge battle between Biscotti and Galette. Things are really shaping up for this anime to be one of my favourites of the season. I wouldn't have been able to guess from the first episode, which is a nice surprise. It is always nice to be impressed with the way things have been going.

Almost everyone wrote this anime off from episode one as just some random kids' show. Things seem to be moving much differently though. Inb4: deconstruction of the fantasy genre!!! I jest; no deconstruction will be happening. XD Either way, this anime is really pushing to be plot-heavy and insinuating that things are not what they seem.

It was amusing, though, to see the Hero play with his new pet princess dog; playing catch with a Frisbee, then patting and scratching her. It is more amusing to play catch with your dog when she can throw the Frisbee back instead of running back every time.

So, they didn't show the sword even once. I would have liked to see how amazing this "Ex-Machina" is. It was interesting to hear that both legendary swords of Biscotti can't be released yet. I assume that, at the climax of this anime, they will finally appear and kill somone important. *prays it isn't Leo-sama* (she is probably going to die though...) Just some future predictions for this anime.

Dem legs extend FOREVER!

I am still leaning on my theory that the two ninjas will have some super secret they are hiding. They just seem too convenient to be the strongest and roaming around to help at the crucial time. I still think they are the "real" bad guys in disguise. You can never trust ninjas. Believe It!

'Cause he has a man crush on you.

It was nice to see the Chocobos actually interact with each other rather than just sit their stable. Small things like this are really nice touches for me. On a slightly related note, I don't see Gaul skipping the battle. He fits the rival archetype for the Hero, and can't pass up a chance to show that he is better. He did help bring out the backstory of Leo-sama and the pink princess though, so he wasn't all useless this episode. We now have a timeline of the events leading up to the Hero being summoned. At least it wasn't a full epsiode dedicated to a flashback, like many other anime like to do...

This is a foreshadow of super evil villian, I swear!

Either way, they have built sufficient hype-up for the coming climax. I can't wait for more episodes of this anime now. Though, knowing the pacing, we probably will only see the start of the war, if any, next episode. It won't be until probably Episode 9 that the shit gets real. Either way, I look forward greatly to see how things play out.