Opinions Needed to Settle a Dispute~

So, we hit a dispute over the new About the Author thing that I coded into the page. This is a section native to Wordpress but not Blogger, which I found as very useful, so I started working it into the template.

Obviously, as I was doing this, it looked different depending when you refreshed the page, as I was still implementing this. Rho and Aaro came back during one of the earlier revisions and saw this:

I considered this shoddy workmanship, because it was not what was intended. I was still in the process of wrapping the border correctly around everything. Rho liked it, since it had an artistic feel to it and was impressed since I have no artistic talent. She did not know that this was not intended. She then proceeded to tell me that every revision I made sucked, while Aaro, falling under peer pressure with no opinion of his own, just agreed with Rho.

This is the most current version:

I am more satisfied with this one, since things are more "neat and tidy". Rho prefers the in-progress version, with the border cutting through the picture. Knowing, in good conscience, that it was not intended, I cannot endorse it. Aaro is just a mindless follower of Rho, and Bern doesn't care because HTML coding is all magic and witchcraft to him, so he wants nothing to do with it.

So, I ask you: what is best? (You can vote on the sidebar to your left.) This is just comparing the old version to newer one, rather than what Rho is using now.

Or, maybe nothing is good; we should start from scratch on the layout of this. This is probably just a temporary thing, though. Because it is manually coded, unlike in Wordpress, each author will most likely have their own unique-looking one when it is "complete".

We really need a changelog page... Maybe I'll add it...

You can see poll details here.