Dog Days 08 - Just As Planned

I have always had a thing for archers...

After a couple of days after airing, the subs are finally out. It sucks that Ayako is busy with exams, causing Dog Days to be delayed; at least this other subbing group is getting faster. I digress from the main point of the post though. This episode was nice and witty, with the master plan of Biscotti going off without a hitch.

Combat maids. I'm sure this premise exists as an anime on its own...

Well, it was just as planned. The pacing of this anime held true, with no real developed fight this episode. We just saw some nub-stomping, which was slightly overplayed. As I watched Eclaire get surrounded by a bunch of rough-looking brutes, I thought, for a second, that she might lose. As they laughed, they would do some very dirty deeds to having her fall off of her Chocobo and getting mud on her clothes... What were you thinking? :3

How nifty to be able to just close your ears like that~

Leo-sama didn't fail to amuse, as always. This scene had a very nice touch to it. She decided to tell the truth to her two most trusted captains but not anyone else. They do kinda remedy that, when she says that running a country on a prophecy is wrong. Hence, why she couldn't just tell her brother or even the ones in danger. To show that her moral ground for running a country was just hypocrisy would be unacceptable of any leader. This was an extremely nice touch, which I enjoyed. Surely, this makes Leo-sama one of the better characters of this season.

There was more foreshadowing of the impeding doom that may come. They specfically said that parts of the battlefield wouldn't be protected, and that there is a danger of demons nonetheless. I think, at this point, that the prophecy will surely come true. All the pieces are neatly setting up so that when things fall into place, it won't be as mind-blowing. That is the point of foreshadowing, after all.

This tied in greatly with the two dames that are rumoured to have fought demons before. Their secret past and links to fighting demons can't be a mere coincidence. Although my crackpot theory of them being the evil villains is probably false, they will probably play a major role in what is to come - definitely much more than Eclaire, whose job is mere fanservice. It would still be great to have the strongest of the land turn on the hero to have an epic battle ensue. Either way, these two are probably much more important than they seem.

Am I the only one that believes she doesn't get enough screen time? 

I guess the other thing to touch up on was the infiltration of the base by Violet. Her role in this anime seems to be pretty one-dimensional. She just serves Leo-sama's every little whim, with no real character. I was hoping to see her in action at least a bit longer; tsk-tsk. I just can't help but wonder why they don't use those shapeshifting leaves more; they seem to be extremely useful for confusing the enemy. Also, Riccotta could have been semi-useful on the battlefield. It would have been better to have one of the maids pretend to be the princess...

Anyway, it was just another episode to build more tension for the upcoming battle, as I predicted. Probably that next episode will be similar in fashion. The generals will start to fight and you will get the opening of multiple pairings of general vs general. I can always hope for one of the battles to actually progress further, but that would be like my dreams of Becky actually having a significant role in this anime.