Kaiji S2 08 - Pinzoro!!

Aww, yeah.  If I were to describe this episode in one word, it would be this: glorious.  It's nice to see Kaiji in total control, for once.  This episode picks up where it left off last week, which is when Kaiji grabs the die.

Kaiji proves that Ohtsuki has been cheating and other foremen come to mediate.  Kaiji reveals how he was able tell when Ohtsuki was using the loaded die.  Of course, the natural thing Ohtsuki does is try to squirm his way out of it.

Yeah.  He's crazy.

Ohtsuki claims that it doesn't count because Kaiji grabbed the die before they finished rolling.  I was actually surprised when Kaiji concedes and allows him to have a roll of 4.  However, I shouldn't have been surprised at all, since this was all going according to Kaiji's plan.  Now, Kaiji will also use specially-prepared die to roll against Ohtsuki's 4.

I never expected Kaiji to pull out his own special die.  It was delightful to watch Ohtsuki freak out.  In the end, Group 45 wins over 2.5 million perica because snake eyes pays five times the amount that was bet.  When Ohtsuki was about walk away with his case full of money, I knew that Kaiji wasn't done.  I knew because I remembered a certain rule.

Alpha Status.

This.  This is the moment that all of us Kaiji fans watch the show for.  Kaiji may be a flawed character, but when he has moments like this, it is extremely entertaining to watch.  Dealers have to deal twice, which is a rule that Ohtsuki himself made up to cover his tracks while cheating.  Oh, the irony hits him hard.  Ohtsuki already looked defeated when he lost his 2.5million, but this destroys him.  He knows that he's going to lose every perica to his name.  My brother and I were laughing pretty damn hard watching Ohtsuki get his just desserts.  I have no sympathy for him; it was beyond priceless.

I dare say that this episode is one of the best of the season, out of any show thus far. Honestly, the episode is so entertaining that it was over before I knew it.  The OST that went along with it was awesome.  It looks like this arc will finally conclude next week.  What I expect to see from the next episode is the following: Ohtsuki losing the rest of his money, Kaiji revealing how he got his Snake Eyes die, and Group 45 finally buying their way out of Teiai's underground.