[C]amouflage 07 - The Not-So-Hidden Foreshadowing

Yes, if you were fugly, he would have just left you to die.

This anime never ceases to amaze me. With 20min in, three consecutive full minutes were dedicated to repeating scenes from previous episodes. I just wonder what they were thinking when they made this anime; it is mind-boggling how this idea got passed, much less in the Noitamina timeslot. I blame the example that was Fractale.

Way to make a very subliminal message...

So, during the first half of this episode, we got to learn about Mikuni's rich boy past. Basically, it was to explain why Mikuni cared so much about living in the present; this was his raison d'etre, per se. This seemed a bit flimsy, though. It did not explain why he would even care about fixing the world; he supposedly closed off his emotions and cared only about business.

I would like to point out what the point of this episode was. It was to "foreshadow" what will happen. The main premise for this idea is the resemblance between Q and Mikuni's sister. They made it really obvious with the red eyes. This should be a tie-in with Kimimaru, too. I think they are trying to insinuate that Msyu had something to do with the future he lost when his father lost. Maybe Msyu is his long-lost sister and they can have some kind of incest cross-species sex. You always have to cater to more than just one fetish; gotta market extra-hard to to make moniez for the non-existent animation budget.

Rock on, Mikuni.

I'm not sure if anyone else sees it (I know Rho did), but a flashback like this can only mean that Mikuni is about to lose his first deal. He is gonna lose everything and potentially die? So, it's just speculation so far, but the climax will be Mikuni losing and then something related to Msyu and Kimimaru's father will also surface. There sure are quite a few Daddy Issues in this anime. I won't even go into the second half of the episode; it was just Kimimaru being emo and indecisive, as always.

Way to ship them together and forget his original reason for joining the Financial District...

So, we have a first half that was a flashback and a useless second half. The only praise I gave this anime was the fast-paced flow of things. Now, way to slow things down and take away the one good thing you had going for you. *facepalmz* This anime is straightforward like an arrow, and I can guarantee that my predictions will come true. Sigh, sigh.


Look my screencap caught the GG troll commercial, it was awesome though