Hoshizora 05 - The Creative Athletic Meet

Penguin Ui is so awesome; I wanna take her home... *insert random Rena pic*

Hur hur hur. It wasn't hard to guess, but I was right about the green-haired girl winning the race because the main character would help. Like most episodes in an anime like this, it only served for some fanservice, humour and for the main character to solidify his grip on his harem.

They are really pushing the little brother to be a part of the harem. The little brother clearly loves him as more than just a big brother. At least the best friend had some impact for once, pushing the little brother to wear the cheerleader costume. This was kinda tainted for me, ever since I learned how Yosuga no Sora ended... I can't help but laugh at what happens when sibling love gets serious.

Even the parents know that Ui wants to steal Kazuma from the little brother, clearly showing that they are all part of the same harem. Ui has the clear motive of wanting an older brother. I don't think they ever explained what happened to that brother of hers. Why would she want a replacement if she still has one, right? Maybe secret tragic events?! (No, probably not.)

I guess I should touch up on the main plot point of the episode: the race. It wasn't hard to guess that the acorn girl would win; she had the most legitimate reason for wanting to win. Having her dress up as a bride with Kazuma in a tux was a nice touch, though. It will probably be her only chance to get so close to him in his harem. It'll be unrequited love; after all, c'est la vie of a harem. Even Hinata is shown in this episode to be affected by Kazuma; the heavy tsundere is falling prey so early on!

Ohana did say that the slit wasn't long enough...

It made for a nice fanservice-ish episode. There was not much plot, but we got some nice scenarios due to the athletic meet for the characters to show a different side (and costume) of themselves. I am still convinced that the shrine girl will be the one that Kazuma picks, but there seems to be nearly no development yet. I guess that will be left closer to the end of the anime, as the final climax.