Hanasaku Iroha 08 - Ohana Becomes Assertive

Finally, it seems like they were running the same arc over and over again for the last few episodes. Almost every episode so far has been self-contained, with the huge "dilemma" solved by the end of that episode. It is refreshing to finally get a longer story.

Funnily enough, the second that they mentioned the mystery guest, I immediately thought, "What if they checked out Ohana's hot spring, too," and that ended up being the plot device for most of the episode. It is always nice to get a slightly longer arc; it gives the writers the chance to write a deeper story rather than just something nonsensical that ends up just being a misunderstanding.

I guess this episode really gave Ohana a chance to shine. She took charge and got things moving in the right direction, which her grandmother would have wanted. The end of arc's revelation will probably be that the mystery guest was one of the guests they guessed wrong. Either that, or there was no mystery guest. The last, and least likely, possibility is that they guessed wrong, but the person commends them for keeping up the service for everyone. Either way, Ohana will get the credit for it.

I guess the other big news is that Ko-chan will finally be arriving, on such a busy day. I kinda feel bad for him because he is going to get rejected. Good job dropping by unannounced when she takes weeks to answer even an email. Surely that won't be awkward! Hahahaha, at least he knows what he wants and is going for it, if nothing else.

I guess it will be a fun episode next week. I've been waiting a while for Ko-chan to make his debut again. I really wonder how they will spin his story, since that was a major plot point from the first episode. Watching Ohana take charge was definitely a high point for her character. Still, Ohana's life is pretty boring compared to the emotional rollercoaster that is AnoHana. At least it should make for a good next episode.