Denpa Onna 05 - So...What Happened?

Now, I was planning on turning this anime into a 2-episode posting system due to content, but I guess I have enough to say about this episode. The big question after watching this episode is: what happened? It went from humourous to awkward all in one episode; of course, it could be related to the fact that I was watching this episode while half-asleep, though.

It was supposed to be a story of an awkward cousin who believed she was an alien. I mean, that was the main plot point of the entire anime and then the main plot point went and shifted this episode. We now have an anime that changed from being wacky to just a girl gaining acceptance into society. The focus being on Erio didn't change, but this small change in plot is a pretty big thing. It went from a supernatural to a slice-of-life genre. I guess the thing that bothered me most with this episode was how useless Erio was. It's like watching  Maloto babysit a child all day as the central plot.

It didn't help that his other two harem girls didn't get much screen time. They seem crazy, but at least not useless like Erio. They produce their own humour with the situation, rather than relying on looking cute and just sitting there like Erio in hopes the viewer can stay hooked. I guess they just have this expectation that having a cute girl is all you need to stay popular; that's not true (not for me, at least). This episode felt really boring, focusing on Erio just sitting there and doing nothing.

A new harem edition?

It seems like they are trying to move to a new arc, something like "Erio's life after being an alien". She is adapting to society by finding a job rather than going back to school. This is different than the usual school setting that you would assume as a tool to move things forward. It is highly likely that that is what is going to happen later, when she finally decides to go back to school again, but for now, we get an arc of her going off to have a job.

I just find that the setting changed from outrageous to a bit more slice-of-life, which doesn't fly as well. The characters seemed fine until this shift occurred; now, they kind of feel awkward. My dislike of this episode could more be linked with my growing hatred of Erio, but maybe that is just me. She just feels so 1D that it hurts.