Yamamoto Yutaka Admits his Fractale Failure

According to Otona Anime magazine, director Yamamoto Yutaka has decided to leave the anime industry for the time being. He has been at a loss what to do because the audience didn't accept Fractale and he couldn't understand other TV anime. He wondered whether he had gone insane or the world had gone crazy. [from, source] 

I personally didn't watch Fractale after Episode, 2 but I hear the ending is amazing~ XD

If people remember, Yamamoto claimed that moe was the cancer that was killing the anime industry and Fractale would change everything. Clearly, he failed his insane boast, at least he's following through to the end. It would be pretty shameful to just keep going as a director and sweep this under the rug.

Just some humorous stuff I saw while writing my Yumekui Merry review~