Dog Days 2

I'm quite sure she was the one in the way.

It seems unlikely that this will be an anime I'll blog about episodically, but I think that I might give it the full 12-13ep chance. The second episode showed much more potential than the first one, being less on the info dumping side and pretty much becoming fully-focused on their battle for the area.
The biggest plus for this anime is still that Shinku is not a wuss. He jumps right in and starts fighting instead of crying about how he has to fight; less QQ and more pew pew is always better. Inb4 random grimdark 'cause Madoka did extremely well and they want to clone it. I guess that is the benefit of being an anime original; anything can happen, which is probably the most compelling reason to keep watching this. This anime has definitely shown it has the potential to do some good stuff; I pointed and laughed at all the people that pegged the show to be trash on episode one. 

The childhood friend gets an appearance in this episode, which leads me to believe that the worlds are linked somehow. I mean, why bother expanding on a character that will have no impact on the story? Oh yeah, forgot to mention the best thing about this: the childhood friend DOESN'T like the main character! What insane blasphemy is this? This leads me to speculate that this will have some more hidden twists along the way, passed the "cheery" atmosphere it gives off. 

It definitely pays to know that you're sexy.

I'm loving Leon-hime. I can pretty much peg her now as the best character introduced so far; she knows how to fight in style. Also, this is the first time I'm seeing a 1-hand axe and shield combo as the weapon of choice. I guess it is the small and "realistic" subtleties that make me like it so far, things like him actually changing clothes to get a nice outfit instead of magically changing. His weapon is explained to be of amazing calibre and not some random wooden stick he walked by. Eveb their version of "mana" is explained. lulz This is a bit of an info dump, but I thrive on these. 

I love that purple-haired war-caster, for some reason

I actually found this quite interesting. They win a battle, so they get to hold a festival as spoils. From a larger perspective, something like this would be extremely good for your economy. It feels like a reason to fight and win these battles. A war without casualty felt kind of off; with this, the rules feel like they give a reason to abide by them.

There's nothing like lackeys with delusions of grandeur.

I feel this anime has opened the door to a large amount of potential with this episode. There is still huge room for it to fall - but, as far as a second episode, I am very impressed. I'm still holding out for the grim and dark twist; I mean this show airs at 11:30pm for them. It's not quite the time slot you would expect for a show aimed at kids.

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