My Heart is Ready

Less than 24 hours remain (actually, much less than that) before the airing of the Madoka finale. I'm loaded up with tons of snacks in preparation for this. This, combined with the abundance of other anime that air on Thursdays, will make tomorrow amazing. So today, when I was buying food, I saw those drinks that you always see in anime (maybe it was always there and I just didn't notice until we had a conversation about them this week). I bought one~

Rho and I both agreed that it tasted like crap, but Aaro apparently found it amazing. (Aaro Note~ : I said it was drinkable. Not amazing.) Well, I realized why there is that indentation near the neck after actually drinking it; experiences explains, I guess.

I wanted to add a Madoka Countdown, but couldn't find one, so I guess there will be no countdown. It's highly probable that Aaro, Cody (who lurks/troll our blog to hell), and I will watch it together at the same time; if you want to join in, then drop a line and we can wait a bit longer (though, not too long, I hope).

Anyway, back to doing my Hoshizora post...