Hoshizora 3 - When You're So Good Your Brother Joins Your Harem

I realized yesterday that no one else is really blogging about this show. I am thankful that another group has picked up subbing this anime since Crunchyroll doesn't seem to sub it until about 5 days after the raw comes out. I feel like this anime doesn't get as much credit as it deserves.

Yes, now make a contract with QB.

I actually watched Steins;Gate after this episode, but made a blog post about that first. This kinda got put off because I wanted to spend more time on this post, which then turned into huge procrastination. I guess I drew the huge similarity of why I liked this and Steins;Gate when I noticed that they both had nice character dialogue that made both of these enjoyable.

I guess the slight exaggeration of characters is one huge huge, thing I noticed.  As I start to critique more anime, I question what makes something more enjoyable to watch. One thing I noticed was that, with animated characters, you can have over-the-top exaggerations of events and facial expressions that would be otherwise impossible. I think this anime does a good job of portraying these things well.

Let's face it; anime, like anything else in this world, is filled with fanservice. Some are well done, and some are...not so well done. By no means does this anime have cleverly crafted scenes to slip in a random panty shot (not that it has that many when compared to OreTsuba), but being written off as a bad anime based on its genre seems harsh.

He is so pro that his little brother is even part of his harem.

I mean, I'd rather watch a well done harem anime over a shitty anime from a more preferred genre. *cough cough* fake grim dark *cough cough* At least an anime like this or Dog Days knows its genre well and does a good job animating within the bounds. I still feel it is very biased to write off an anime purely because the genre isn't DEEP. Not everything has to be DEEP.

Oh, Ui, you've already fallen into his harem. D:

Anyway, enough about this random analysis of the series and more about the actually episode at hand. We've now got Ui and the childhood friend, named Madoka. Due to a currently finished anime that just aired, I have a huge bias to favour Madoka over Ui for the final girl that'll "win" his harem. This type of anime seems to be one of the ones that will pick a clear winner by the end.

I always feel bad for the "sidekick" of these harem anime. They never get even one girl, and are pretty much used as a tool to show the contrast of how much he sucks when compared to the main character. Life being a sidekick to a harem lead must be hard. Inb4 random NTR shit and he steals the main character's entire harem...including his little brother. It sure would make an awesome plot twist; it's too bad there is no chance in hell it will happen.

Sometimes, a double facepalm isn't enough. We need a quad facepalm.

I still feel that this anime is heavily underrated, simply based on its genre (much like Dog Days). I mean, afterall, it is a difference in taste. I think people want to pretend that they are DEEP when basing their anime choices, which is tainting their outlook on anime like these. Whatever the case, this was a very good episode that kept me laughing throughout. We'll get introduced to the pink-haired girl you see in the opener next week. I hope she makes a nice entrance like the loli green-haired tsundere girl did this week.