[C] Presents Satou and Wolf!

Q. What is the effect of Midas Money on the real world?

A. Micro-flation
B. Mezzo-flation
C. Macro-flation

At this point, I genuinely think I'm being trolled. Not more than five minutes into the episode, they already started kicking you in the shins. Honestly, if I hear about another NGO named Organization that is bent on saving the world, I'm just gonna end it all with a Pocky!

This entire episode can be summed up into two words: INFO DUMP.

And, wow, did they dump it on you hard. Perhaps they thought it was a nice tie-in to use she-tective Satou to do the dumping; it was not. Info-dumping of any kind is an indication of a trash writer/director and the only excuse I can think of that exempts you involves the words April Fool's. I will, however, give the writer/director the benefit of the doubt and pretend that they had a heart attack together, so the janitor subbed in to do this episode.

The hardest thing for me to swallow this episode is the fact that the collective brain-cells of an entire organization cannot fathom the effects of injecting massive amounts of money into an economy. You want to know what Midas Money does to the world? The result is that the worth of each existing unit of currency goes down, due to the fact that the country's overall value did not go up. (This is why printing money is such a big deal. inb4 Midas Bank somehow magically increases the worth of a country with Pokemons.) During times of non-crisis, such events would spur the populace into willingly paying more for premiums. However, when these people make up too high a percentage of the population, the overall price of goods go up accordingly. This is a form of inflation - the worst form, in fact.

I apologize for rambling about economics. For a moment there, I forgot that subplots don't actually have to make sense, since the main focus of the anime is strong. Oops, I just lied twice in one sentence!

This episode's battle gets to be fought by Satou-san. Now, let's remember that she says at the beginning of the episode that she has fought and won eleven deals so far - however, she is still considered a scrub. (Remember that veteran guy from the second episode? inb4 power balance goes all out of wha- fuck, it's too late.) With each passing battle, it is further solidified that the only thing that matters is the power level of your Pokemon. In this particular instance, Wolf-san can shapeshift, and is at least kind of big. In the other corner of the ring, you have a girl (as far as we found out from this anime) with the ability to Freeze Out, which apparently translates to turning into a popsicle and then losing to the floor.

Last but not least - actually, no, this is definitely a least. Crybaby Kira gets dethroned by QQ Kimi in the final half of the episode when it dropped THE biggest shounen cliche into our laps. Your dad did what you did before you! I'm having flashbacks of Naruto's dad bankai-ing down Mt. Akagi in his Trueno. At this point, I really don't know how much less I can expect from an anime that repeats more scenes than the Gundam series.

~*+ Rho