Tokyo Magnitude 8.0

So, in light of recent events, I've decided to watch this series. I saw that it got decent ratings but it never was very high on my list of things to watch. Overall, it was a decent anime; a little slow on the uptake (though that's expected of a slice of life anime) that had a nice strong finish.

So, the story starts out as you would expect. The anime follows the story of the siblings Mirai and Yuuki. I found the main characters themselves to be well-developed. It's probably exactly as someone their age would actually act, unlike in most other anime these days where no one acts as they appear. My huge problem was with the "background" characters. I mean, I really don't see people acting so insensitively. The general case after a crisis is that people still work together and help each other out when there is no "impending" danger. People only act selfishly like that when they are in danger themselves.

I guess the main thing about the story was the twist. While I was watching, I had a slight clue about what was happening but it was pretty impact-ful. (Aaro Note~ : ...what is "impact-ful"?) Contradicting what I was saying earlier, Yuuki was a bit too good to be true. For a little boy, he doesn't seem to throw many tantrums and such. Another thing that I did notice from the begging was that his understanding of the "bigger picture" was a bit too good. To understand that your family isn't picture-perfect and wanting to fix it is a thought that should never occur at that age. Neither should you be so resilient so as to not whine about pain and just endure the walk home.

Either way, like any character that becomes too good to be true (*cough cough* Mami *cough cough*), they are generally slated to have some misfortune. It is what jerks the tears from the viewers the most. Suffice to say, it did get me, too; I did tear up a bit on the final episode.

I guess I neglected to mention another important character, Mari, who is really the third main character. I mean, (realistically) yes, a person would probably help the kids out after seeing them in distress, but the hard part to believe is prioritizing them over your own child.

In the end, the story had a huge impact with the ending and that I did enjoy. It was the path leading up to it that felt quite slow and unrealistic at times. So... ~7.7/10