Infinite Harem Ep10

So, first off, the earthquake in Japan is pretty big news. I was able to hear about it instantly since I was browsing 4chan at the time while waiting for the Merry episode. This, combined with the new episode of Madoka being a big hit, led to a lot of puns combining both. The only known anime delay is for JC staff stuff (Merry/Index), 'cause their building got wrecked. I haven't seen much else confirmed.

Infinite Stratos
I watched this after Madoka, so I wasn't too focused on the episode. It was decently humorous; guess that's what you normally expect from a show like this. Although I can say that I do like Tabane; eccentric + genius = win?

They also changed the order of the girls in the ending scene again. I am 100% sure now that it is based on where each girl's ranking is currently in Ichika's heart.

God, they want Ichika badly. It's funny still how Chifuyu is clearly like, "No, 'cause you're not good enough."

The main point of this episode was definitely Tabane. Actually, more Tabane would make this anime much, much better. She brings out the best in the anime with her eccentric-ness.

Either way, it's kind of obvious that the white knight = Chifuyu and that anime ep1 was a preview of what was going to happen in the next 2 episodes. There's nothing too noteworthy about IS; it's the same as it always was.