Madoka Magica 9

Madoka Magica

We're slowly closing in on the end of this anime. We can clearly see it this episode as everything is spiralling together for the big climax.

Homura's character seems very inconsistent. She had a breakdown last episode, but quickly became fully cold again. This makes you question the random break in composure last episode.

At least we finally learn why she warmed up to Sayaka so quickly. Her change of character seemed to be inconsistent, but this episode does cure most of the confusion.

I found this very, very, very hard to swallow. For someone that says he doesn't have emotions and can't understand the value of humans, he sure is good at manipulating the girls to do his bidding. It seems more like he understands them perfectly.

This entire alien thing seems to start spanning genres a bit. It's starting to branch a little far and might make this series a bit bad if they expand on it. It would make more sense if he is lying, since he has shown that he can do that.

I guess should expand on Kyouko, since she was pretty important this episode. Her death was unnecessary to beat Sayaka, but she chose to die so that Sayaka didn't have to die alone. She felt she was too similar to her; this combined with the realization of the destiny of all magic girls probably left a sour taste. There's no reason to keep living as a puppet for Kyuube's master plan when you can go out with a bang. It is why she tried so hard to turn Sayaka back from a witch, realized it was a failure and then accepted her fate, choosing to end it all. It's too bad that her death was part of the master plan. I think, in the end, Madoka will end up turning into a magic girl. Her only other choice would be to watch Homura fall before her, which I doubt she would let happen. It would also set up for a Season 2 for the anime if they chose to do so instead of wrapping up.
Either way, it's hard to give solid feedback other than the fact that I like the progress so far. It's hard to say as this can still go anywhere based on how it ends. Story-based anime really rely on that strong ending to bring it home. Case in point: Chaos;Head. I loved it leading up, and then it went to garbage near the end. Sigh, sigh. This episode did open up that can of worms that something retarded could happen...