America's Greatest Otaku

So, I only discovered this show yesterday, and decided to watch it. Now, it is streamed for free on the Internet if you're in the US - but, since I'm not in the US, it is much harder to watch. Since it's already free, it's rare to find it re-uploaded elsewhere. I eventually found someone willing to stream the second episode on and let me say WTF.

Since the post that he was streaming it for was on 4chan, other people came to watch him stream it too. It was nothing but TROLLING in the chatbox on the side. Sadly, the commentary in that chatbox made the show more bearable and funny.

I mean, as I watched the first episode, I couldn't stop screaming at my screen at all the WTF moments, and there were SO MANY OF THEM.

I guess I too am a troll at heart. Either way, it's interesting show to watch. XD