Been over a week

So noticed I am getting lazier and lazier with my updating, probably because I am just a lazy person.

Right now focusing more on my DS. Been playing 9 Hours 9 Persons 9 doors, which is a mystery/ puzzle visual novel. Really liking it. Haven't finished the true ending for this game yet but so far I like it alot. I think I got the worst ending though on my first play through XD (submarine one). Sigh, picking the super duper selfish choice XD. Way up their as 1 of the best DS games I played 9/10

Also earlier this week the latest Golden Sun came out on NDS. Knowing how awesome the first 2 were I was happy to see it would work on my outdated flashcart. Just need to finish the beating 999 and I can get started on Golden Sun.

Also attempting to apply as a writer for MMOsite. Problem is I been to lazy to write my application. If I can somehow manage to stop procrastinating, pretty sure I can get in.

Edit: finally beat the "true ending" of 999. Gotta say it is really well done. Some parts leading up to finishing the ending were kinda sketchy, but it all tied up nicely in the end. Think I am bumping it up to a 9.5/10

Side note: Axe ending = best one, so total win!!