sigh sigh

So the new Allods patch hit. Took some time to patch and install but I was finally back in game. The interface and such does look more appealing.

Only major concern is the patch was more a balancing of the classes and nearly no content added.

Though I feel cheated, patched notes ( and RU version notes) told me firewall would get 80% speed reduc when they are in it, this is not true. D:

Only other notable mention was Cody was all "ZOMGZ WATCH YOSUGA NO SORA, SUPER FUNNY SCENE!1!!!!11!" Me not watching even the trailer for it yet, decided to watch it. See if it was another anime worth watching of the new season.

So me unsuspectingly watched this and all I can say is WTF? This was like softcore porn/hentai. I don't even get how it was considered an anime. Usually visual novel animes don't do it this way. And for those wondering, their was no funny scene. The whole thing was super serious and the "main" heroine your introduced is a bitch.
Sorry Cody, your recommendations will now be all rejected.

Last note is something that really happened.
*Rho has just bought FF13 for PS3*
*after some cinematic the game starts, extremely linear with literally 1 path you can walk down on a bridge*
*roughly 15 mins in Rho reaches a fork in the path, 1 is stairs leading off the bridge and other keeps going to a pile of rubble blocking bridge*
Rho: So we can't jump in FF games so clearly the stairs are the way your SUPPOSE to go. I'll check the rubble area then.
*Rho walks towards the rubble and sees this box*
Rho: OMGZ look a box, this is CLEARLY a secret.
*Rho clicks box*

~Would you like to save your Progress?~

At this point me and Aaro can't stop laughing. End of story: Save points are a secret in games :O

And turns out you hop over the rubble, the stairs had a treasure chest for some random item XD