Dynasty Warriors Online and stuff

So Vind OB has been back up for a couple days. Problem is that they aren't doing a wipe from before. Some players have amassed millions of gold leaving the economy extremely inflated atm. No huge deal but seems that Vind lags like hell for me now. Not server lag, but my own computer lag. Couldn't keep up for some reason even on minimum settings. Might have tweaked code too much, making it eat more resources. Either way, having been playing that much.

I also spent time retagging most the older posts. Put the Megaten tag back on a lot of the old posts. Just need to go over 1 more time to double check i got everything. Stupid blog housework.

After many grueling attempts at the new FF game for DS (4 heroes of light) I finally beat it. Gotta say it was a pretty good game, been a while since they tried to make games a bit more challenging. Had to die multiple times to beat it.

Finally got around to finishing 1 episode of every 1 of the new animes. My person fall lineup (more for my own reference so I can remember):
Tuesdays: Glee
Thursday: Big Bang Theory, How I met your Mother, The Office
Saturday: MM!
Sunday: Bakuman, Oreimo, Psychic Detective Yakumo

So tried Dynasty warriors Online. Only played for a good 15-20 mins before I stopped. 1 Huge problem I had was the camera. Now I generally don't like playing games with a mouse, but I got used to using one lately to HON and play Vind. Problem is that the Camera won't Rotate unless either you stop your character down for a split second. So you can't rotate it around as you keep moving around to fight giving you random stopping. Very annoying. Didn't like the graphics much either, something just didn't click. 1 Thing I did enjoy was that you could pick exactly the hair/eye color you wanted. Don't know why more games don't just give you full spectrum and give you a few preset colors.

Currently lvl 20 in Iris Online. I'll review it later.