Pearzified Saga: Prelude to the end

As Rho approached the TMG building she could see blinding flashes come from the roof.

Guess that's where I'm headed, so like Pearz to make things flashy, have to let everyone know huh.

Quickly rho dashed across the barren wasteland to find a familiar male corpse turned face down.

It can't be him again..... can it?

Quickly kicking over his corpse to see the same sight.

This is the second time I found the corpse of this so called "librarian", Aaro. His face is less mangled this time it is clearly him but did Pearz have to carve her name in his corpse? Must have center of attention huh? She would be a horrible assassin.

Rho starting dashing towards the entrance of the building. The doors looked like they were busted open forcefully with a flow of blood still freshly dripping down the staircase. Rho quickly pulled out her dagger and proceeded cautiously up the stairs. As she walked up the stairs she could see among the floors more corpses resembling Aaro were everywhere.

How is it possible? Is he cloning himself? Is that even possible yet?
After a couple minutes of climbing stares there was an earth shatter blast. The glass along the building all shattered to the force of the shockwave.

I'm close to the top. Whatever just happened up there musta been the descisve blow.

Quickly leaping up the flight of stairs Rho swings open to see Pearz standing over a mangled corpse with blood still dripping from her Kyoko.

"Guess I screwed up" Pearz said as she collapsed on the floor.


Soooooo This leads up to the finale of the Pearzified saga which also leads to our next event.

The one that can correctly predict (or closiest) takes everything else no one had dibs on (mainly cause I'm extremely lazy)

For last event:
No one correctly guessed the food so I'll take the first reply with closiest answer which was Xed.

For the ego Lndi takes it again (gawd you win to many)

And for a final part of our fun in astral: